Wednesday, July 28, 2010


These are HCM Pro 1/200 scale figures by Bandai.

RX-79(G) (Special Painted)

Geara Doga

RX-79(G) in Battle

Friday, June 25, 2010

Snake Eyes

Dance of Fire

Deunan Knute and Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes teams up with E.S.W.A.T.

Snake Eyes and Deunan Knute

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Masked Rider 2 Underground

"I thought I had woken up on my own during my mind's programming procedure. Seems I had help. My only clue came to me in a dream I had a few nights ago. A voice radomly repeated where to go to start finding answers, and how I was being tracked. I couldn't just dismiss it.

So far I've managed to remove the tracking device, but they didn't need it to find me down here. Is surveillance in this facility that thorough even deep underground or was I set up? "


Another pic in my Rider 2 sidestory. All the figures are the same one.

Who's Next?

My continuing side story of Masked Rider V2 in which he's been upgraded and his memories nearly wiped up before he escaped.

"I've tried keeping a low profile, but I can't completely hide from them. Some seem to want to retrieve me, others want to kill me. Who ever they are, I'm connected, but the reason still eludes me.

I feel stronger than ever, but I rather know the truth than merely fight for my survival! "


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This is my take on Masked Rider V2 following the events of Masked Rider 2: The Next.

"Although I don't understand this.. form that I've become, it's not entirely alien in my mind. Still, I can't recall who or what I am. What little memories I have are distant, like words at the tip of my tongue that won't produce a sound. Am I dreaming? Making reality shift far from my mind or are my blurry memories the dreams themselves fading for lack of importance?
No! I'm wide awake. I awoke with a deep and desperate inhale of breath and an overpowering surge of energy. Perhaps this rush has scrambled my memories, but I had enough sense to attack those armed and masked men in black uniforms, and the weaker idiots in white coats determined to slow me down. Their last cries of pain were somehow.. familiar, but I.. - whoever I am - should contemplate this elsewhere.
I feel unstopable, yet something tells me to hide for the time being. And fortunately this city is vast."
flickr version with larger sizes