Saturday, February 27, 2016

Warbotron WB03-F Master Review

Warbotron WB03-F Master is meant to be a small companion figure to their Computron iteration Warbotron WB03. First of all, it's a plastic kit so it may turn off a few buyers who are not in to putting kits together. I am, and know how to fix tight and loose issues. I decided to color mine and give it some slight weathering. As for paints, I used Tamiya spray cans, and for extra detailing and slight weathering I used matte black acrylic and metallic red. I recently painted the fangs so you won't see it in these pics.  

Aesthetically it looks great. Very G 1'ish with extra details here and there. I actually like both modes just the same. Which brings up transformation. It's pretty easy, and the parts (tabs and folds) hold together very well.


(Maketoys Quantron and WB03-F Master. I don't have Warbotron WB03.)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Figure looks good, but one issue I had with it were the ankles. They could've done a better job with it as they have very limited range of movement. After a few frustrating failed attempts I finally managed to make them longer to be able to pose it more dynamically. Also, and I know I'm not alone in this, my unit came with a missing mirror. It's noticeable on the pics.

Truck mode is nice, and as with their previous release the rubber tires makes it look and feel better vs plastic. The cement mixer splits open to reveal twin blasters and there's a hole to peg in bot mode's hand blaster. Nice touch!

Transformation is easy, but I don't care much for the the back kibble in bot mode. Not that it looks bad, it's just a little on the floppy side when split open.

With the exception of the ankle joints and head Mixer has really good articulation. The overhead rocket pack moves back and side to side.

I drilled a hole in the blaster.

 Ready! Ready! Ready!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Maketoys Battle Sentinel Gento Mod

Got tired of stripping down the top side of the feet to gain more degrees at the bend when posing the figure so I decided to mod their latest mold, Gento. I don't have the patience or will to stop and take a pic with each step I took so I'll give a brief explanation.

Cut off the ankle ball joint and sanded down the surface where it was. There I glued a plastic strip. I cut a small alligator clip strip and drilled a hole in the ball and on the glued strip. I made sure the metal strip would fit tight and I superglued the strip to both ends (strip on bottom of leg and ball). Painted the plastic strip on bottom of leg matte black. Added 3 Kotobukiya Plaunit Duct Nozzles on the sides to add a little more length and add aesthetic to the bottom of the leg. Finally I cut a small strip of electrical tape and covered the skinny metal strip connecting the ball joint to the bottom of the leg.

Not a perfect job because I didn't have a slim blade to cut the ball joint perfectly. It left a flat surface on top of the ball joint so when bending all the way the ball joint doesn't have as sturdy of a grip as I'd like. Still, now I can pull off the sort poses I've always wanted too. :-D It also looks good in trailer mode. Not going to show that though. Too much work. :-P