Saturday, October 24, 2015

Generation Toy Scraper Review

Generation Toy Scraper is an homage to Transformers Constructicon's Scrapper. It's a modern design at Master Piece size. Both modes look great. I love the big ass rubber tires and bot head's light piping is be the best I've seen in any official and non-official Transfomer figure. The bot mode has a tough and intimidating look and really good articulation. On the negative side, even though thigh joints are ratcheted, they are slightly loose between the ratchet teeth. GT was able to pull off really good shoulder articulation in spite of back kibble and large shoulders (due to the wheels).

Vehicle mode is full of details, and the frotal blade is nicely articulated. Again, those big ass rubber tires add a lot to the aesthetics.

Overall Generation Toy has done a great job with this figure. Good build and materials, nice weight, height, paints, colors, and ace aesthetics. The transformation is relatively easy, but I couldn't figure out how to properly place the flaps that cover the hands in bot mode.

The arms that hold the blade (vehicle mode) have plenty of articulation. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

ArtFlow illustrations done on Galaxy Note 4.

Sketch on paper. Take pic with Galaxy Note. Open in ArtFlow. Kick ass digital tablet.

 Lisa pulling an all nighter.

Sunset Smile.

Artana Strange

Link to higher res:

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Toyworld Iron Dreg Review

Toyworld's Iron Dreg is an homage to Transformers' Slag. I'll say right off, that it's just about as good their first release, Roar. It has a nice looking dino mode with big ass horns, and an articulated jaw. The bot mode looks damn good, and is well articulated. I'm glad the shoulders have a high lateral movement, and that it's easy to pose with hardly any balance issues. The transformation is intuitive.Only issue I had with it going from bot to dino were the knees. They have to be placed just right otherwise the back portion won't connect to the front.

The blades can be moved around to give them different look: axes or scythes.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

High Grade Gundam Cathedral

Not my favorite HG, but sure looks good when finished. The thigh armors impede articulation, and the thigh swivel is different than what I'm used to. The result isn't good. Had to tighten it. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Toyworld Grimshell Review

Grimshell is Toyworld's homage to Transformers' Grimlock. Their take on the Dinobots is both classic and modern. I was less than impressed when I first saw pics mostly because of the legs. The lower portion to be more specific. The gap is just ugly and I can't understand why they didn't find a way to cover it up. The feet can swivel to give a flat on the ground appearance, but the rest of the foot or bellbottom does not. If you swivel the thighs it affects the figure  balance so it's best not to swivel it out much. I still managed to pull off some cool poses, but it was tricky and had to rely on pegs over the loose feet to hold them in place. The more I mess with Grimshell, the more I like it,but it's not as good as their first and best release, Roar in my opinion.

Dinomode was actually more fun than I thought it would be because of the weapon add ons. They can be arranged in different ways.

Also, I took the pins off the small swivel covers of the shoulders as they affect articulation in combined mode. Another blunder on their part that made even less sense than the leg design.

I've turned the inside packaging foam into dioramas. Grimshell comes with the combined form's hands, feet, faceplate, and small pieces to add unto Grimshell to cover screw holes in the dino face and neck. It took me about a minute to figure where they all go because there's no instructions.