Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wei Jiang M01 Commander - OS AoE Evasion Mode Optimus Prime

Going to keep this short. This is a big figure, thus the 'OS' as in oversize in the figure's title. It has been redefined (by Wei Jiang) with better aesthetics, paint apps, strong joints, rubber tires, diecast, and a badass weapon supply. The alt mode is a clean homage to the G1 Optimus Prime truck, and bot mode is movieverse, flame decals and all. I did quite a bit of weathering, not a ridiculous amount, but it's noticeable all around the figure. Also, I shaved down some of the ankle joints to increase the tilt range a bit. Ok, enough typing.. let the pics do the.. hmm.. talking..? You know what I mean.

Messing around. Moved shoulder flaps, and placed blades on back. Looks badass I think. 

 I painted the gold in the armpit area.

 I placed hobby kit len decals over the eyes. They're highly reflective and look best in bright surroundings. Since they're stickers, they can taken off easily.

Not a Bay TF movie basher, but this Matrix looks better.