Thursday, April 30, 2015

Maketoys Chaos with led kit

I've wanted to toy around with led lighting in my hobby, but I just couldn't find an easy way to do so until I came across a certain hobby site. No, this is not an infomercial. Well, maybe it is, but I'm not profiting from it. I just wanted to share my find with like minded hobbyist that have wanted to mess around with lighting up figures, models, diorama, etc.

I lit up Maketoys' Chaos figure. Easiest thing ever. 

I ordered a chip light kit that includes, per my choosing:
-3 nano sized chip lights (warm) with 8 in wire
-coin cell and coin cell holder with on and off switch
-shrink tubes to cover wires that are to be connected via twisting

This link is where I ordered mine. There are plenty of other kits and lights to choose through. And there are tutorial videos too, so you don't have to read this tutorial, but seriously, it's not that long of a read. :-P

Light kit tutorial:
1.Slip in ez-shrink tube into wires on coin cell holder. 
2. Now, match the green wires on the led lights with the black wire on the coin cell holder and twist them together. Do the same with the red wires.
3. Pull shrink tube over the exposed wires you just twisted, and heat up ends with iron or lighter. You'll see the tube shrink a bit really fast. With your fingers, squeeze the ends of the tube to secure it in place. 

BAM! Press the on/off switch and let there be light. Ok, now turn it off and select whatever ... thing you want to light up. If you want to light up MT Chaos here's my tutorial that involves no glue so it's not there permanently.

Easy tutorial for lighting up MT Chaos:
1. I coiled the wires and led them together with small strips of  tape. 
2. Slipped the led lights through its open back and placed the coiled wires in the center. There's enough space.
3. Placed the cell coin holder with battery on the upper back and secured with the figure's tank tread kibble.
4. I placed the switch in the lower back gap. Fits right in. It may fall out, but nah.. it's secure. 

5. Placed the lights where I wanted. and used beige scotch tape. 
If you look at the middle of the torso you can see the coiled, taped wires.

"Join the Darkside, we have free energon cookies," said Chaos with a lit up creeper glare.

"My eyes are up here. Stop looking at my chest!"

Friday, April 24, 2015

S.H. Figuarts Iron Man Mark 43 Review

This figure is damn awesome: beautiful mold, perfect paint apps (on mine), incredible articulation, and the tightest joints I've encountered in any SHF figure. I mean really tight joints. For a moment I thought I was going to snap the right shoulder joint. Speaking of shoulder joints, they move in and out for more poseability. Figure includes extra hands and effect parts.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Figma Strength mod in progress

Figma Strength from the Black Rock Shooter universe. This is a work in progress. It was meant for a battle photo shoot, but who knows if I'll get around to doing it. Anyway, she has 2 chainsaws (chain rotates), 2 fists, 2 gatlin guns (with rotating barrels), and 2 big ass robotic arms with bladed grips or fingers.. something like that. It's awesome. Not all the parts are assembled and painted yet. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Crystal City Chronicle Episode 3.5 Nemesis vs Quantron
(Fan Fiction)

"I will not end you, yet. You will witness light fading and darkness consume your world."

After dropping off the survivors of their last skirmish on this cursed planet, Atorasu and the team circle back to find their leader, Battle Sentinel, only to find him possessed by a dark force and renamed, Nemesis. Their attempts at persuading his trapped consciousness to resurface and claim control are futile and they must resort to physical force. Having unlocked the secret of gestalt configuration, Metal Storm and his team combine to form one body and mind named Quantron. Strong and precise in thought and action, but not strong or fast enough to subdue Nemesis.

Maketoys Nemesis Review

MT-04 Nemesis from Maketoys is their latest entry of their Battle Tanker Series within their Crystal City Chronicle story line. This figure has many configuration modes to tinker with. So much so that I actually decided to get 2 of them. The core bot has excellent articulation with tight joints. Aesthetically it is wickedly beautiful, and with the Battle Tanker armor add-ons it looks absolutely awesome and menacing. The truck mode looks pretty menacing too. I really like how it looks with the hood add on.

Note: Custom Cape. Red would look cool, but it's also cliche. I used $2 craft paper. It doesn't tear easily so it can be warped, folded, wrinkled, and still look good.

This is my take on the end of Crystal City Chronicles part 3.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Nendoroid Solid Snake

Nendoroid Solid Snake by Good Smile Company. Nice and cute aesthetics with minimal yet functional articulation. My gripe as with any Nendo is that the joints are loose. I had to tighten this figures joints, but since I don't pose it much it's fine.

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