Thursday, September 22, 2016

Maketoys Striker Manus

Striker Manus by Maketoys is an awesome debut for their new line, "Cross Dimension." It's a highly poseable and stylistic take on Optimus Prime. First off, let get one gripe out of the way, I don't like the engineering on the ankle much because of its lack of rotation. Other than that, I really like the figure, and look forward to more from the line.

Notice the silver/grey parts at the bottom of the back? Those parts may hinder proper stances if not shaved off a bit. Just a suggestion.

Blaster transforms from the top of the truck mode. Cool gimmick, but the hands don't grip it as well as I'd like.

Backside looks really cool.

Shoulder articulation is insanely good. Butterfly hinges help to pull off poses such as this and the one below.

Both axes can be linked to form this weapon.