Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Review Interupted

So I was going to review Perfect Effect's Warden awesome upgrade kit, PE-DX03 EW Super Robot Expansion Weapon, but someone got distracted on the set.

Monday, February 23, 2015

ToyWorld - TW-D02 Muddy Review

ToyWorld's second Dinobot entry based on Autobot Sludge. Like their first entry, Roar, Muddy has a strong and menancing look, but lacks to the same sense of balance and articulation. It can be a bit tricky to make it stand, and the shoulders do not have as much lateral range of motion. Those are my two gripes about it, but it does have tight joints and an overall great look on both bot and alternate mode.

Alternate Mode:
Muddy's brontosaurus mode has a nice classic look. Would have liked for the neck to have been articulated, but it's no big deal. What was bothersome was the front shoulder joints being loose. I was able to tighten them though.

The modern classic look looks really good in both modes. There was some poor paint apps on my figure. Particularly the silver portions on the waist. The blaster is nice, but not great, and the sword could have been bigger, but it's size intentional so it can fit in the neck in alt mode.

Like Roar, simple and intuitive. Be careful when splitting the bot's back 'wings'. They are tightly help together and can feel like they may break.

Notes: Muddy's cannon is usually stored on the chest in dino mode, but I prefer it on the side. I made another simple diorama with the top portion of the styrofoam packaging to compliment the one I made with Roar.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sen-ti-nel Armorize Iron Man

Sen-ti-nel's second Iron Man offering. While it has a striking look, it's not as well planned as their Re-Edit line. I think it's because Sen-ti-nel has different groups working on projects. Some better than others. Re-Edit is done by Chemical Attack who are their best team in my opinion. Armorize was done by T-Rex.

I want to like this figure more than it deserves because of its aesthetics, but unfortunately it has poor paint quality that chips, and hindered articulation when Armorized. It's this very gimmick, placing the armor on the figure that's the main selling point. Posing is not it. If you're not into posing, fine, but I like dynamic posing and it can't be done here, and that's a shame. Main parts hindered by the armor are the ankles and shoulders (armor pieces can pop off and even cause paint chipping).

On the plus side, Takayuki Higashi did a killer job with the sculpt. I especially like Tony Stark's head sculpt. Nicely detailed and appropriately expressive with articulated eyes.

Figma - Fate/Stay Night Saber 2.0 Review

Saber is one of my favorite female anime characters. This version of her anyway. Focused, fierce, strong, smart, serious, beautiful without a ridiculous 'sexy' outfit. She's just bad ass. I skipped the first few Figma Saber versions, but instantly liked the look of this one. It's far better than I thought it would be. Good Smile Company really stepped up their game with this release, especially with the articulation.

Typical Figma articulation plus pop out shoulders for increased movement. Extra points of articulation include: chest armor, braided portion on the back of head can rotate, dress skirts (left, right, back), metal skirts, and gauntlets.

Extra hands, three facial expressions, two swords - Excalibur and Caliburn, swaying hair.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sentinel Re:Edit Iron Man Bleeding Edge Armor Review

The collector's market is filled with Iron Man figures. Most offerings are strictly movie based, but Sentinel went a different route by reimagining some of the iconic comic based armors. Their first entry is the Bleeding Edge armor. It's absolutely fantastic. It has a great amount of articulation to pull off some kick ass poses. There's also a light up gimmick that lights up its eyes and arc reactor. The color apps are pretty much flawless, beautiful, and varied.

My only complaint was that the hip joints were a little loose so I had to tighten them up with floor care finish. Nice and tight now.

Disclaimer: The pink neon blades are from Kotobukiya. I sanded down the insertion tabs to fit into the blade gauntlet pieces. The blades were sprayed with a flat coat spray to give them a nice glow like effect that picks up light nicely. If you're interested in these, they are called M.S.G. Modeling Support Goods - Weapon Unit MW25R Saber and Hammer.